Saturday, June 30, 2012

Israel Day 13

On this day, I was assigned to a team (led by John) that would visit three different survivors of the Holocaust.  Before the visits, however, we had some shopping to do.  John purchased a gift for a little girl who would be part of our visits because it was her birthday.  We also made a stop at a music store to purchase instruments for several students at Yuval School of Music in Jerusalem - a school for budding messianic musicians of all ages.
Israeli music store

We then headed out for our visits. The first stop was at the apartment of a lovely woman named Erika.  She was delighted to be our hostess and created a delicious spread of homemade berry and cream crepes for us to enjoy.  We had such a nice visit with her, and John invited her to a reception at the Jerusalem Assembly the following night, offering her a ride, which she gladly accepted.

Our team with Erika

Our next stop was with a family that had four generations living in the apartment.  Great-grandma had survived the Holocaust, and was living with her daughter Paula; Paula's son and daughter, and Paula's granddaughter (who was the recipient of the gift purchased by John in the morning).  Again, they were very gracious and had prepared tea and crumpets for us.  We were getting very full at this point!  So much wonderful hospitality.

With Paula and her mom

Our final stop was with an older Ukrainian immigrant man named Mikhail, who lived in a 12 by 12 foot apartment by himself.  He didn't have food prepared for us, and we were more than fine with that.  He appreciated the company and we appreciated spending time with him getting to know him.

With Mikhail

After dinner, we walked down to the Old City (a few blocks away) and went to the Night Spectacular Show at the Tower of David Citadel, an outdoor presentation of the history of Jerusalem all done in lights and computer technology.  Fantastic!  But bittersweet as well, knowing that this would be our last night in Israel.

Outside the Jaffa Gate at night

Old City, from David's Citadel

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