Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Israel Day 4

I woke up after a full-night's sleep (finally!).  Today was busy but with fewer events.  We awoke at the crack of dawn in order to get to Haifa in time for our 8 am flight.

Dawn breaking over the Sea of Galilee

Our flight took us from the very northern city of Haifa all the way across Israel to the very southernmost city of Eilat.  What would have been a six-hour drive was flown in about 45 minutes, and what a beautiful flight!

Cesaerea from the air (can you see the aqueduct?)

Tel Aviv from above

The West Bank from the air (including the wall)

Shore of the Dead Sea

Colors of the Negev

We landed in Eilat and proceeded to an awaiting tourist boat for a sail on the Red Sea.  The Red Sea is very blue.  How did it get its name?  It is also called the Sea of Edom.  Edom is another name for Esau, and it means red.  Esau was red and hairy, remember?

Ready to go to sea!

Our hotel and the Egyptian border

"Swim with the Dolphins" beach in Eilat
It was a great day for a sunburn.  That sun was HOT!

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