Thursday, June 21, 2012

Israel Day 5

The only thing we did today was visit Petra.  But it was a long, full day, and well worth it.  I took about five thousand photos... so how do I narrow them down?

Our tour guide, Tito, had to stay in Israel, because Jordan does not receive Israelis very well (and Jews are not permitted to live in Jordan.  Ironic, given the number of Arabs living in Israel as Israeli citizens is about a million and a half... but that is for a future post).  So anyway, our Jordanian tour guide was Michel, and he did a great job.

At the border

Petra "guards"

Michel insisted that God left a map of Petra in the rocks

Petra is basically a giant burial ground

The rock formations are awesome!
One of the horse and cart dudes

Man and his grandsons making music

Down in the heart of Petra

Indiana Jones movie, anyone?

At a roadside park, overlooking the mountains of Petra in the background
Back at the hotel, I was exhausted and went straight to bed!

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