Thursday, June 28, 2012

Israel Day 11

Our mornings begin with a gathering in the hotel lobby after breakfast for our assignments for the day.  On this day, I was sent to the ministry's safe house, where we helped cook a large meal, to be delivered and served later in Tel Aviv to hundreds of refugees from Ethiopia, Sudan, and Eritrea. 
The Safe House kitchen

Lunch at the Safe House

The Safe House is in East Jerusalem, and overlooks a new settlement; which the government has suspended building due to pressure from the United States and the international community

The West Bank wall in the distance

The refugees were all men, and they lived in a park in Tel Aviv.  The ministry serves them four dinners per week, and another group serves them breakfast.  It was heartbreaking... men without a country.  Tony, our leader, helped bandage the leg of a man who was wounded while escaping across Egypt.

Preparing to treat a wounded man in Tel Aviv

We were gone all day, and got back to our hotel pretty late and pretty tired.  Gordon was also tired from installing outdoor carpet all day.

Installing outdoor carpet on the rooftop terrace at Jerusalem Assembly

Sunset while enroute back to Jerusalem

Snack stop with Tony

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