Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Israel Day 14

Our last day in Israel.

I thought that this trip would finally get the desire to go to Israel out of my system.  I was wrong.  The desire to return has now been multiplied!  I love the people here.  They are a living, breathing, miraculous people!

This last day was spent, again with a small team, visiting the sick and the elderly in Jerusalem.  We visited with an artist, a retired Russian General and his wife, a single mom and her young daughter, and two lovely single ladies.  Most were immigrants who spoke Russian, and we had an interpreter with us.

Yacov, a retired Russian general
Yacov's wife proudly displays his medals

Part of our team

We then met back at Jerusalem Assembly for a rooftop going away reception for our whole team.  Some of the students from Yuval Messianic School of Music gave us a concert.  When the reception ended, we had to rush back to our hotel to grab our luggage and depart for the airport.  This was easier said than done, however.  Crowds of people were in Jerusalem, preparing for Jerusalem Day (the day that celebrates the recovery of Jerusalem after the Six Day War in 1967).   However, we made it to the airport on time and hopped on our El Al flight to New York.

Lisa with Pastor Meno

Marcelle (whose apartment was painted) and Ilona

Arrival back in NY at sunrise
Next year in Jerusalem... again?

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