Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Isaac - A Snapshot of Messiah

I've been doing a study on the life of Isaac in the book of Genesis, and am amazed at the similarities between him and Yeshua our Messiah.  Here is a list of parallels between them:
  • God waited a long time before sending the promised child.  Isaac arrived at the God-appointed time, after being eagerly anticipated for what must have seemed an eternity to those whom he was promised
  • He was conceived and born miraculously
  • He was offered up in sacrifice by his father before God intervened
  • He was himself was obedient, willing to be sacrificed
  • The timely intervention of God represented his "being brought back from death."
  • The place of obedience unto death was at Mt. Moriah - the same location as the future crucifixion of the Messiah
  • He would be the head of a great nation and bless many peoples.
In Genesis 24, Abraham concludes that it is time for Isaac to be married.  In this account, we again see numerous parallels to the Messiah and His bride.

  • The bride must be from his own people (to the Jew first)
  • Her marriage was planned long before she knew about it
  • The servant of Abraham, who is a picture of the Holy Spirit, interceded in prayer for the bride  (Romans 8:26-27)
  • Rebekah learned of the son from the servant
  • She was a chaste bride-to-be (a virgin)
  • She left her family without delay and eagerly went to be with Isaac
  • She loved Isaac before she saw him
  • She journeyed through the wilderness with the servant guiding her
  • Isaac was back at his father's house, preparing a place for his bride
  • After the time of his sacrificial offering, Isaac was not seen again in scripture until it was time to be united to his bride
  • Rebekah attired herself appropriately as she was about to meet her bridegroom

The story of Rebekah and Isaac is arguably the most beautiful love story in scripture.  How much more beautiful will the final fulfillment be - when we are united with our Bridegroom at His return!

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