Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Genesis Post 58 - The LORD is With Him (Chapter 39)

Genesis 39 now picks back up with the story of Joseph.

Chapter 37 ended with the mention of Potiphar, and now chapter 39 mentions him again.  He is quite an Egyptian bigwig, and he acquires Joseph as a slave.

Joseph thrives and prospers in Potiphar's service because the LORD is with him, and he gets noticed.

And promoted.

Joseph is put in charge of the household.  And boy, does the household thrive.  Potiphar trusts him completely.

Potiphar elevates Joseph

Enter Mrs. Potiphar.  She shows up in the story right after we are told that Joseph is very handsome (verse 6).

In chapter 37, we were told that Potiphar is actually a eunuch in the service of Pharaoh.  So it is no wonder that Mrs. Potiphar is bored, wants some manly attention, and casts her sights on attractive Joey.

Lie with me, she says in verse 7.

He resists her, giving her a lengthy rebuttal in verses 8 and 9, telling her that not only would that be a sin against his earthly master, but against his heavenly God as well.

She is relentless.

By verse 13, she is frustrated and angry enough to frame Joseph for his resistance of her.  She makes a vicious and false accusation against him.  Interesting that she uses Joseph's garment as an instrument of identification his demise, just like his brothers did.

Well, who is Potiphar going to believe?  (Personally, I think that deep down Potiphar believes Joseph but since the event was so loud and public, he has to take action).

Joseph is sent off to prison, where we see that the LORD grants him favor with the warden.  And just like in Potiphar's house, we see that Joseph is trusted and elevated to first in command under the prison boss man.

Joseph promoted

I wonder if Potiphar's house ceases thriving at this point.

Thus the chapter ends the same way it begins:  The LORD is with Joseph.  Through all of his trials, Joseph does not resist, protest, or fight back as far as we can see.  He simply walks with God and trusts him.

Here is a Bible truth:  Success does not depend on our circumstances, but on our relationship with the One True God.

Do we have any more parallels between Joseph and the Messiah in this chapter?  Indeed we do:
  • The LORD is with Joseph
  • Everything is put under Joseph's authority
  • Joseph acts with complete integrity
  • Joseph resists temptation
  • Joseph is falsely accused
  • Joseph remains silent in the face of his accusers
  • Joseph is thrown into prison
  • Joseph suffers even though he is innocent
Stay tuned as the story of Joseph continues to unfold!

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