Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Door

Hebrew is an amazing language.  I have just begun studying it in the last year.  The letters and words have such meaning to them!  Here is a great example. 

The name of the LORD is yod heh vav heh - YHVH.  Also called the tetragrammaton, it is called "the unpronounceble name" in Judaism.  The vav can made an O, U, or V sound, allowing for numerous pronunciations..  There is no "J" in the Hebrew language, so the rendering "Jehovah" is an English misnomer (along with many other names in scripture - Joseph should be pronounced Yosef,  Jacob - Ya'acov, Jerusalem - Yerushaliyim, Jesus - Yeshua, etc).

This is how the tetragrammaton appears in Hebrew (reading right to left):

In order to make the name Judah (Yehuda), you would place a dalet between the vav and the last heh, like this:


The letter dalet in Hebrew symbolically represents a door - through which we can be open to the hope of our dreams or to remain closed off and alienated.  Yehuda is the door through which God will send the promised Messiah, Yeshua.  It is a picture of our future redemption - the only door to the Father!

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