Sunday, December 9, 2018

Genesis Post 70 - Summary of the Joseph Parallels to Yeshua

I have written several times about the different parallels between Joseph the suffering servant and Yeshua our Suffering Servant.  The purpose of this post is to simply summarize them so that I have them all in one place.  I have heard it said that there are about 100 parallels between the two, and I have only discovered about 40.  So if I discover more, I will come back to this post and add them.

  • Both are the beloved sons of their Fathers.
  • Both are sent by their Fathers for a special purpose to their brethren.
  • Both are given special robes.
  • Both were willing to be their father's servant.
  • Both travel all over the country seeking their brothers.
  • Both make bold, audacious claims that their brethren don't like.
  • Both are shepherds of their Fathers’ sheep.
  • Both suffer because they are hated and rejected by their brethren.
  • Both are turned over to foreigners
  • Both are betrayed for silver by a brother named Judah.
  • Both have brothers who argue over what to do with him
  • Both are stripped of their robes.
  • Both are taken to Egypt.
  • Both are subject to a plot to kill them.
  • Both are left in the ground for three days
  • Both are falsely accused.
  • Both remain silent in the face of their accusers.
  • Both suffer although they are righteous.
  • Both are tempted.
  • Both wash the feet of their brethren.
  • Both bring bread of life to starving people.
  • Both save the nations for 2(000) years while being unknown to their brethren.
  • Substitutionary blood is shed in both cases.
  • Both have stories made up about their deaths.
  • Both have fathers who mourn in deep agony
  • Both are buried in the land of Israel
  • Both forgive those who wronged them.
  • The wrongs that men do to both, God uses for good.
  • Both are placed with two prisoners, one who was saved and the other who was not.
  • Both are elevated to a place of high authority.
  • Both have every knee bowed to them
  • Both claim they are there to save their brethren, not judge them.
  • Both have Gentile brides
  • Both have offspring who are adopted by their Fathers
  • Both have brethren who vowed never to bow down to them. (Most Jewish people today want nothing to do with Yeshua)
  • Both appear as a foreigner so that their brethren would not recognize them.
  • Both weep over their brethren who don't know them.
  • Both bring salvation to their brethren, Israel.
  • Both are moved by the repentant hearts of their brothers.
  • Both reveal themselves to their brothers privately.
  • Both have brothers who weep in sorrow and fear as they recognize them.

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