Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I apologize for the time that has elapsed since my last post!  Life has been very, very busy in the last two months, culminating in a two-week experience in Israel (touring and serving) for my husband and me. 

We had the opportunity to tour with Marvin Rosenthal, founder of Zion's Hope ( Both he and his son David are excellent Bible teachers.  In fact, I brought home a notebook filled with insights gained from both them and Tito our tour guide. 

In the next couple weeks, I will be putting those insights on this blog. In addition to my notes, I have over 1600 photos to organize!  It is not like me to take so many photos, but I couldn't help myself.  Usually I am more like my spouse, who took about 27 photos while we were there.  This photo was taken from Mt. Scopus... our first glimpse of the Holy City!

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