Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Counting of the Omer

Today is the third day of counting the omer.  What is an omer?  It is a sheaf, or measure, of grain; in this case, sheaves of barley from the first harvest of the year, which is harvested and offered at the temple on the day of Firstfruits (which is the day Yeshua rose from the dead).

The Counting of the Omer is a count down to Shavuot, the time of giving of the Torah and the time of the giving of the Holy Spirit. As such, it is a spiritual journey of preparation. It is a journey which is begun with Passover, the symbol of our Salvation in Yeshua, and completed at Pentecost, the symbol of our completion through the Spirit. The distance of days between the two events should be a time of spiritual reflection, growth, purification and preparation.

The Master's resurrection makes the counting of the Omer a season of special significance and joy. For his disciples, it is a time to remember the resurrected Yeshua. All of his post-resurrection appearances fell within the days of the Omer count.

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